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“..We all want to gain wisdom and seek guidance, but that will be very difficult without God’s Word. Live by His word and not the world. Do not follow where the foolish go. Those who listen to the wisdom of God will be safe and will not fear evil..”
(“Wisdom” Blog Post.)

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Hello There!

I am SO happy you’re here! Here is what’s going on:


Finished a four day devotional! Join me on the walk. Just click on “Devotional“. Follow the blog for more and comment what you want me to write about. Blessings! 🙂


I am excited to announce a project that I started! It is called K.Talks, in which I will be interviewing different people on different and specific topics. The topics can range from their spiritual life to their feelings/opinions on certain subjects. The reason for this project is so people have the opportunity to give their insight on certain things in life. It can open people’s minds to different perspectives and understanding towards a variety of life situations. I hope, what I bring you, will open your mind to different ways God works and how others see certain things in their life. Thank you!

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About KsyuDaily.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Let me tell you what KsyuDaily is about. We all have things that go on in our lives and I’m hoping my blog inspires you. I talk about how much God can do amazing things for you. I have such a love for giving people hope and my heart is filled with love and wisdom that I cannot wait to put in words for you, here on KsyuDaily. I hope you enjoy and come back again! Thank you. Blessings!



Who is “Ksyu” ?

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Hey ya’ll! My name is Aksanna and welcome to my blog! I am 21 years old and I am from the southern east coast. I started this blog when I was still a teenager. I am not sure if I remember why I did so, but I know I have had the desire for a while. The name “Ksyu” comes from my name. “Ksyu” is my Russian nickname my family gives me. I love writing for you guys! I am pretty simple so my posts are mostly short and sweet. I always pray that my words touch your heart in some way or another. This is not a lot about me, but it is good for now. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to getting to know me. I hope you come back again!

Be Blessed//



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